Settings of the MPC HC standard filter



I have some questions about the Media Player Classic HC

When I play a .WMV 1080p file and look at the filters that are used I see the standard decoder of MPC there. It has many settings which I would like to understand. I m running a dual core 6750 and own a 7600GS PCI-e card.

The settings I would like to know more about are:

ffmpeg settings:

ffmpeg => can be enabled or disabled
decoding thread number: 1,2,3,4,5 or 6 (standard on 2)
error resilience => careful, compliant, aggressive or very aggressive.
H264 skip deblocking mode => none, default, non reference, bidirectional, non keyframes or all frames.
IDCT algorithm => auto, libmpeg MMX, simple MMX, XVID or simple.

I hope you guys can explain me some things of this or maybe point me to some manual or guide there is concerning these options.