Settings for Yamaha CDRW-F1

Do u guys know the setting for YAMAHA CDRW-F1 ?

I think i need to use “amplify weak settings” for safedisk !

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I think i need to use “amplify weak settings” for safedisk !

You think correctly!

Yamaha CRW-F1 - Copy Protected Data :wink:

I can confirm working backups of MOHAA and Ghost Recon using AWS created by the YAMAHA CRW-F1DX.

The backups worked on the following drives:
SONY CRX-120E (4x4x24x internal CDRW)
YAMAHA CRW-F1DX (44x24x44x Firewire CDRW)
MATSUSHITA UJDA710 (8x4x24x Laptop CDRW)
TOSHIBA (24x Laptop CDROM)
GENERIC (40x internal CDROM)

So, if you disable AWS, your backup works for sure in your own drive, but may not work in every drive.

If you live in the USA, and have no AWS option in CloneCD, either use Betablocker to modify the image or use CloneCD region-killer to gain AWS.

If you have time, please consider writing to YAMAHA demanding proper EFM encoding in their next firmware release. If many people do so, they will likely include it.
(Although this is a german domain, the site is english)

I thought that a Yamaha CRW-F1 drive was WAY TOO GOOD and high quality to need AWS, guess I was wrong.