Settings for Plextor/DVD Shrink/Nero?

Good evening and good afternoon to all,

I was wondering if anybody is running the same combo as me or something similar for DVD burning? I have: Plextor PX-716A drive. Plextools software version 2.2. DVD Shrink (for backing up) and Nero version 6.6.

I use a method where DVD Shrink backs up an original disc, then it uses Nero to burn a real DVD onto blank media without me doing anything. With my old setup this was working fine. I just had to leave the booktype-R setting unchecked inside Plextools Drive Settings. My DVD’s would play inside any player. Now I have an updated drive and software and while using the same approach my DVD doesn’t play in a regular stand alone player. Does anyone know if there’s something I can check/un-check in my Plextools settings to make it work?

Thanks very much in advance,