Settings for dw1655


I would like to know what settings I should turn on/off in qsuite. I’ve read posters recommending some features on/off but I’ve also seen some scans (one on the HOF thread :bow: ) with all the features turned on. Can someone let me know? fedex will deliver my ty discs today and I want to burn burn burn.

WPOC: on or off?

Solid Burn: both supported and unknwn disc should be off? or on?

Overspeed? On/off?

Also, on the information tab in qsuite, the dvd region setting is set for “no region”. Is that a problem? Do I have to set it to region1? And how? That is if I need it. Thanks in advance.

there are no “allround” settings.

you should have WOPC enabled if you don’t care about writing time. it increases the time a little bit, but offers better results. you can disable WOPC wehn writin high qulity media to save time.
solidburn is not really neccessary for known media, only if you use overspeed. on unknown media i would use it, but i never had unknown media to test solidburn success rate. you can use overspeed on many media, i always use it to write 8x media @12x.

the region should be set in factory. if not, you have to set it if you want to watch a movie dvd. it may also be set automatically, this depends on dvd player software.

Hi :slight_smile:
Setting SolidBurn/OverSpeed/WOPC is personal. In other words try it out & see what works for you. I have SB/OS/WOPC all enabled to try & get quality + consistancy.
Region setting, I can’t remember ever having a drive set to a particular region. I’ve never selected a region either. If using AnyDVD when drive is empty under region selected will be none. When a disc is inserted then the region of that disc is shown (this is not permanent, remove disc & it will return to original). When RPC1 f/w is used DVD Region Tab not present.

Thanks to both of you for taking the time to reply. Later on I hope to contribute some -r sl scans.