Settings For DVDFab Gold/Platinum

Would some of you that have better know how that I do on the settings in these programs please help, as there is no how to in this program yet.

When or how do you use/change the following.

I/O Mode. Auto, ASPI, SPIT

Write Type of DVD-R Media. Packet Writing, SAO Writing.

And when to put a check mark in the following.
Set booktype to DVD-ROM(Only for DVD+R/RW Media)

In my case I use DVD+R media. Should I but in check mark (which I have never done before)

Could be this info will help a low of users. Thanks

Hi camper,

As per the gurus like COdeKing,
"…SPTI should be fine for all burning requirement. ASPI is not required…"
(I like the sound of SPIT better… :bigsmile: )
XP does not require ASPI layers. With xp, this is application dependent…for eg., some nero app(s) use ASPI.

SAO is preferable. I’ve used both within Fab…just to test the waters and never had a problem with either. I don’t believe I’ve seen user problems as a result of using SAO…I have seen problems with packet.

There’s no downside to bitsetting…a postive re: compatibility with various players. My experience with Fab’s bitsetting was inconsistent. This may have been a problem with Liteon drives (have 5 of 'em…even the oldies still work well… :smiley: ).
I know other users don’t seem to have this issue. Primarily, I use Q-Suite for Benqs and Liteon utilities for my liteys.

Hope this helps… :wink:

mainman, thanks for your reply.

You would use the following, I/O SPTI
SAO for writing

And i’m not sure if you mean to put a check mark in the box for Set booktype to DVD-ROM or not, even though i’m using DVD+R media.

Correct… :iagree:

Yes, I think that the bitsetting (BookType) feature in Fab works well for most users.
Definitely enable bitsetting for any +R media…either in fab or outside utility, but not together. As you probably know, this works only with +R or +RW media, not -R.

Oh yeah…you’re very welcome… :wink:

Thanks mainman, could be that this will help others.

I have LiteOn drives and have the same problem with bitsetting. I use LiteOn’s Booktype utility to set the booktype to DVD-ROM. However, I just discovered that it’s possible, at least with my LiteOn drives (SHM-165H6S), to save the booktype setting in EEPROM so that the drives continue to mark DVD+R disks as DVD-ROM, without having to re-run the utility each time a new disk is inserted.


Good point.
This is a function of the newer firmwares, ie., auto-bitsetting occurs via the EEPROM or non-volatile memory. The older firmwares require a patch (Omnipatcher). There is an outstanding and detailed description of this and lots more…well worth the read… :iagree:
Courtesy of code65536 right here:
F.A.Q. for LiteOn Optical Drives