Settings for DVD Decrypter with AnyDVD for close to "1:1 rip"?



Hi guys, I’m interested in using DVD Decrypter with AnyDVD to rip my DVDs. I understand that it’s impossible to make a perfect 1:1 copy in the strictest sense. However, I just want a perfect bit for bit video and audio. I just want all of the copyright protection and FBI warnings to be removed. Here are my settings for AnyDVD:

Video Settings: Check all 7 features under the feature removal option or basically just leave everything in default.

My only problem or question for you guys is the PC Friendly feature removal. I’m not sure if I understand what this does. I intend to watch my backups on standalone DVD players as well as the PC. Will this option compromise my ability to watch on standlone DVD players? Do you guys leave this option on?

For DVD Decrypter, I will use the following settings:

1.) Use ElbyCDIO as the I/O model.
2.) Disable the structural protection removal in DVDDecrypter.
3.) Rip into ISO format and then burn with IMGburn?

So what do you guys think? I just want to remove the copyright protection and FBI warnings as stated and leave everything intact. Am I on the right track and if not, please make suggestions so that I can successfully achieve my goal. Thanks!


PC Friendly is a crappy software application installed on PCs when you insert certain DVDs. It’s NOT useful for 99.9% of the people out there and will have 0 effect on your stand alone players. As for the FBI warnings, no, this will not get rid of them. The disc will behave EXACTLY as the original minus the CSS and structural copy protections. However, since PUOs will be removed, you should be able to skip anything you want with the remote. If you want to remove content, you’ll need to use something like CloneDVD in Dual Layer mode, but, that’s not going to give you a 1:1 copy in that any time you edit the content of the disc(i.e. not ripping it to an ISO or CloneCD image), you will be changing the layer break information. In any case, using your method will give you pretty darn close to what you want. Also, the PC Friendly stuff will not be REMOVED from your backup…it will be copied with your method. That AnyDVD option is to protect your machine from having that crap autoinstall when you insert the DVD into a PC.


I’m not sure if I understand you. Should I keep that PC friendly option enabled or disable it?

Are you saying that the FBI warning will still be there, but because the security option has been removed, I can skip it with ease?


I’m saying it won’t affect your backup either way. It has nothing to do with the backup at all…it’s an option that prevents the PC Friendly crap from running when you stick the disc in the drive. That’s it. Keeping it on is preferable in my opinion.

That is exactly what I am saying, yes.


Thanks for the response, but I’ll be honest with you, I still don’t understand what you mean with your description of the PC friendly feature. When I place a DVD into my computer, it attempts to install this player for playing the extra features or something like that. Is that what you’re talking about? I’m still confused regarding that option.


Yes, that’s correct. PC Friendly is set to autorun on many DVDs when you insert them into a PC. It installs crappy software that annoys the hell out of a lot of people. The option in AnyDVD prevents this crap from running when the DVD is inserted into the PC. When you use CloneDVD, this crap isn’t copied. When you do an ISO image or a CloneCD image of the DVD, however, ALL the files on the DVD are copied including the crappy PC Friendly autorun installer. Hence, if you put your backup in the PC’s DVD drive, and the PC Friendly option in AnyDVD is not checked, it will attempt to autorun and install the PC Friendly crap. Hence, leave it checked so you don’t have to worry about it. The PC Friendly stuff has no affect on a stand alone player whatsoever. IOW, if you have that option checked in AnyDVD, you will never have to worry about it in the least.


You can use these .reg settings for DVD Decrypter. Disable “Remove Prohibit User Operations” in AnyDVD and let DVD Decrypter do the work.

If you want to remove all the crappy FBI stuff at the beginning, download PgcEdit (see my signature) and use this guide. Make sure you set up your Virtual Player in PgcEdit (Trace > Virtual Player Setup) with your languages.


Thanks for the information, but it seems like it requires me to edit the video source of the DVD which I don’t want to. I just want to remove the copyright protectiion and warnings if possible without compromising the integrity of the DVD files.


Are there any other settings that I need to worry about prior to me ripping the DVD?


Not possible. To remove the warnings, you MUST edit the DVD. Removing the PUOs are the only “solution”. That allows you to skip them.


Nope. You should be good to go.


Then I guess just leaving those 7 options enabled is the best compromise that will leave the rest of the DVD files intact? I guess this is about as close to 1:1 as I can get without ruining the integrity of the DVD files?


That’s correct. Like I said, you should be good to go.


Using PgcEdit will not compromise the DVD. All my backups are working fine after some major editing. Don’t be scared.


It WILL change the layer break, though, which he may or may not care about…


Then he can set another one in ImgBurn.

Though I do not think he will do this as he doesn’t want to mess with the DVD this much. Each to their own I guess.


Yes, but, at least you gave him options and that’s never a bad thing. :slight_smile:


Samurai, I have some more questions to ask you. I ripped the disc based on the settings that I have listed, but I can’t seem to fast forward or skip the FBI warnings when watching on the computer. If I use MPC player, fast forwarding ends up skipping the movie all the way to the trailers.

Also, based on the settings that I used, the layer break information is fully intact and saved on to the .mds file that I got right?


That seems wrong. You should definitely be able to skip any warnings or trailers. In AnyDVD Video DVD settings tab, make sure Prohibited User Operations is checked. If it is, I’m not sure what’s up with that.

Yes, that’s correct about the .mds file.


What player do you use to watch your DVDs on your PC? Maybe we can figure this out together.

Yes, I have PUO checked.