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I’m stumped! I’ve been trying to post a question to Newbie or to the Nero forum for two days. When I hit submit, I get “Page cannot be displayed” - bottom: Cannot find server or DNS error". I’ve turned of pop-up blocking, dropped all security zone settings to “low” in IE 6.0. If I hit the “Back” button my post shows up in the posting window, hit submit again and the board takes me to a screen that says this is a duplicate of one you submitted five minutes ago, redirecting to show you that post. It pops back to the forum, but of course there’s no post there.

What are people using for IE settings on this forum or can someone tell me what to turn off/on to allow the message to pass. I am logged in and if this post makes it in it will show that on some sections I can send.

Very frustrating as this is the only site this is happening to me.


I wonder if there’s a message size limit???


I have to enable JavaScripts before I can access Smilies. It took me a while to find out. :bigsmile:
John :slight_smile:


Oh, OK, Thanks. But I’m not using similies - I’m just trying to use plain ASCII text. This is sooo strange. I created the message the other night (by typing it in to the message box on the board) got the DNS msg, backed up and copied/pasted the text into Notepad. I didn’t want to retype all that. So now I’m trying to copy/paste it from Notepad to the board and I still get this same darn message.

As you can see, I am able to type in replies here. I’m just wondering if I, as a new guy, am limited to what I can do until I achieve a higher rating on the board perhaps? I can’t find any rule that says so, however.

Still looking for an answer…


Question is outstanding here:

No need to repost it and keep more than one thread open on this. Therefore, this one will be closed.