Settings for burning DL using Nero version

Does anybody have a profile which contains all the correct settings for burning dual layer backups using Nero version

It comes with Nero already!

If it fails then you have CRAP DL media.

Unfortunately, I have been using Memorex DLs that I purchase on sale and reading through some of the post here on CD freaks, I’ve discovered that these probably aren’t the greatest discs around. Any recommendations on some decent DL media?

There’s only one clear recommendation: Verbatim.

Yes, verbatim would be a good choice to go with but also what speed are you burning at makes a difference in making good burns and making good coasters.

Thanks for the recommendation and helping a Newbie out.

No probs… let us know how you get on. :slight_smile:

Check out [B]ImgBurn[/B] for DL burnings. :wink: