Settings for ANYDVD & Nero Recode 2 Nero 7 Ultra

Hey Guys,
PLS would someone give me the proper settings for these two progs to run together. thanks

In AnyDVD click “Default”. That’s all.

I would like to know how to copy source dvd to capture dvd without going using the HHD. Nero program.

In AnyDVD click “default”. If this doesn’t work, you need to use the AnyDVD ripper to copy to HD first. (Or you use better Software like CloneDVD2)

In Nero Recode2 version, you select “Burn-at-once” in the Burn Settings Menu. You will find more help with Nero Recode in Nero Recode forum (or in the Nero forum) than you will in an Anydvd forum.