Setting XP x64 Default Media Player

I’ve been trying to reset the default media player from WMP to MPCHC, so that it is at least offered as a choice to run movie DVDs. But, since it didn’t make that edit for itself, and it seems that what I have tried only makes things worse, I’m posting, hoping for a solution.

I have tried setting it from “Set Program Access And Defaults”, but that may be the reason that WMP no longer appears in the Open With window after inserting a DVD. I went to the Autoplay tab of the DVD player, but it doesn’t offer a means to add anything to the list. I then did the regedit shown in this link:

but it didn’t change anything. I do not want WMP, but if I can’t add MPCHC, it would be better than nothing. The only other possibility is to use an entirely different player than the two mentioned, that will make the necessary changes, but the only one that I have tried is PowerDVD, but I have lost the key for it. Is there another freeware player that is good?



Ditto…and if you feel uncomfortable with it’s standard ugly look,you can add the WMP11 skin to make it feel familiar…:bigsmile:

VLC works fine, but it still doesn’t appear in the Open With window that appears when I run a DVD, which is what I’m after.