Setting Up Your Wii as a Netflix Ready Device and USB Loader Channel



This simple guide will help you to setup a USB Loader GX Channel Forwarder for Netflix video streaming. This simple guide will also help you activate your Wii as a Netflix ready device.

This is wonderful if you have children. I have setup the instant queue with several movies and cartoons for my children to watch. Then when they load the Netflix - USB Loader GX - Forwarder Channel they are taken directly to the instant queue. Very easy to navigate and press the (A) button a few times to watch the movies.

DISCLAIMER: This is not free. You must sign-up for a Netflix $8.99 a month account. However the first month is free.

What You Need

[li]An Already Hacked Wii - Hack My Wii

[li]Netflix - USB Loader GX -

[li]USB Device properly formatted to load the Netflix disc

Setting Up Netflix - USB Loader GX - Forwarder Channel

[li]Place the usbloader_gx folder in the apps folder of your sd card.
[/li][li]eg… sd:\apps\usbloader_gx\boot.dol

[li]Place the Netflix - USB Loader GX - Forwarder.wad in the wad folder to the root of your sd card.
[/li][li]eg… sd:\wad\Netflix - USB Loader GX - Forwarder.wad

[li]Install using wad manager.

Activating Your Wii with Netflix

[li]sign up for the 8.99 a month account (you get the first month free)
[/li][li]login using your email and password
[/li][li]click Your Account & Help on the top right
[/li][li]click Activate a Netflix ready device (located under WATCHING INSTANTLY ON YOUR TV OR COMPUTER)
[/li][li]enter the activation code
[/li][li]enjoy streaming movies


very cool . . . I can already stream netflix from my blu-ray player, but doing it through my Wii on another TV would be good too.



What needs to be done with the current usbloader_gx folder, that is in the apps folder, on my SD card. Don’t I need that folder to be able to run games from a USB hard drive?


you dont need to have two of the folders. i only included the usbloader_gx folder for anyone which may not already have it.

also the channel is only a forwarder. this is not an actually Netflix channel. you will need to install the Netflix disc to your usb hard drive.


Absolutely gorgeous forwarder wad, however I can’t get it to load with my setup. I have usb loadergx already installed with the Netflix disc. I can boot the disc from the standard usb loadergx interface, but not via the lovely channel presented here. It simply goes to a black screen upon load. Any suggestions?


the channel is set to load game id SNTEXN.

your disc must have a different game id.

what is the game id of your disc, this is shown either in USB Loader GX or using a game manager on your PC such as Wii Backup Manager.


Nice looking forwarder! However the internet connect drops when I try to use it. I have Netflix disc installed in USB Loader GX and verified that the disc ID is SNTEXN, but when I use the channel forward I get a no internet connection error. Strangely, when I load Netflix fro USB Loader GX, it works fine! Any ideas?


that is strange?

the forwarder loads the Netflix game using USB Loader GX, so it should be using the same exact settings as loading from USB Loader GX directly.

all i know is that it works for me and this is the first time ive heard of this error.

if i happen to come across something ill be sure to post it for you.

  1. If you have USB Loader GX installed as a channel instead of as a forwarder (you installed the WAD file instead of the DOL) then you’ll get a black screen and it will return to the Wii Menu. The Netflix forwarder only works when USB Loader GX is installed as a DOL on the SD card.

In my case, I have the WAD installed. Was able to get Netflix working by putting the DOL file onto the SD card. Basically, I am running both versions (DOL and WAD) of the loader. Make sure if you do this that you use the SAME version in both places. They use all the same config files, and running different versions will probably mess things us.

The only other option would be to remove the USB Loader GX channel altogether and use the forwarder instead.

  1. If you get a network error when launching this the first time then go back to the Wii menu and access the network using a different channel (e.g. Weather or News). Once you have successfully done that then relaunch Netflix. Should work. Note I only had to do this once. After that it just always has worked.

If that doesn’t work, go into settings and delete all your network settings. Reapply the settings and you should have the network back.


Folks, I first had a 5 Gb flash drive formatted to WBFS. I had the Netflix on it. I then installed the Netflix channel and it worked fine.
I recently got a 1Tb HD and did 150 Gb WBFS on it. Copied/burned the same Netflix ciso on the new HD. When I try to open the N/f channel the screen goes black and I think it appears to be waiting for USB drive. When I try to open N/f from Homebrew it works fine.
I checked the id mentioned above SNTEXN. It is same on both my 1 Tb HD as well as 5 Gb Thumb drive.

I noticed the file on HD is 24 in size while on Thumb drive shows 22. Both the files are same and copied to drives from PC.

I reinstalled USB loader and N/f channel. Still no go. But when i unplug 1 Tb and plug the thumb drive the channel eventually opens Netflix.

Dont know what and where I am doing wrong. any further help would be truly appreciated. you may copy your reply to my email Thanks.