Setting up RAID



Anyone have suggestions about it. Is the speed variable that much of an improvement. Also, I went into my setup options, I see it is possible to make an Array. What is an Array, is it bundled hdd’s made into one letter drive?


I’m confused, are you talking about an onboard RAID controller, a PCI controller, and what controller exactly is it?

RAID-0 is generally called “striped array”, where the data is split between 2 or more drives. It’s not as reliable as other methods, but is faster. how fast depends on the drives you use. Creating an array with existing drives will wipe all the data on them. you need 2 identical drives for RAID-0. there are a couple good manuals and FAQ’s available at


I have a Promise Controller built in onboard with my MB, and plan to use that. I did some reading, and am considering purchasing two WD Raptors, because they got awesome reviews. Whats best to bundle them? Which RAID type?


Read up some more on RAID. RAID-0 is “striped” and gives you the speed, at the cost of some reliability. It’s best to have another drive onboard for backing up and imaging the array. If you want to get 4 drives, you can run RAID 0+1 for increased reliability.
With the Raptors, RAID-0 will give you up to 2x the speed of a standard IDE HD, but the controller has a lot to do with this.
Raptors are SATA drives, is your controller a SATA controller?


Yes, in fact my board can support raid via ATA or SATA, or a combo of both. I can’t afford 4 Raptors, and read a lot up on it, but as much as I read, opinions for best RAID type are not suggested in manuals, which is why I asked here.