Setting up network file sharing between Vista and XP :?



Well folks, I’m trying to set up network file sharing between an XP machine and a Vista machine. Thing is, Vista is new to me.

I have been told it’s perfectly possible but I’m having trouble figuring out how. I have done some reading up and am none the wiser.

I run the network setup wizard on XP. I save settings to aUSB stick and try running it on Vista but it has an error.

I can’t find a similar wizard on Vista… but I read somewhere that Vista automatically allows file sharing on a network as long as a folder is ‘shared’. Doe this mean that I don’t have to do anything to the Vista machine?

What about the Vista firewall? I’ve allowed ZoneAlarm on the XP machine access from the Vista machine but I don’t know what to do on the Vista machine (which has Vista’s own firewall - not my machines, doing for a friend).

Any help or guides?



Strange i have been networking trouble free with 3 pc’s all on xp.
When the new vista lap top arrived i thought i may have problems.
I spent some time getting used to Vista and after i found the network icon there is an option to set up a home or office network,very much like xp.

I put in all the same details ie work group name that i chaned from the default “workgroup” that were in the xp machine and sorted straight away.

The only thing that has changed that in Xp it gives you a shared folder
but in Vista it is called a public folder and if there are multiple users on the vista machine a folder called users appears .

The main xp machine runs ZA firewall and the other two the windows fire wall.I had no need whats so ever to touch the fire walls,including the vista fire wall.