Setting up my own forum which 1?

Hi i wanted to set up a DVD forum and was wondering if there were any decent free ones i could use. I tried using but its too complicated 4 other users to register and log into my forum so i deleted it. Every one it that forum had 2 open an ezboard global account.

Is there an easier free board i could start.


Well how about using this board? and than search for a crack on

Thanx 4 ur reply sies i really appreciate ur help on this matter.

I shall give it a try and see what happens.

Hi sies that ubboard link u gave me is dead doesnt seem to connect to the site but thanx anyway.

You should check for Ultimate Bulletin Board

Or for VBulletin, the forum that is used here at CD Freaks.

There are a few other free forum scripts out there, but personally I think these two are the best.

I went 2 infopop and they wanted 2 charge $200 to set a board up so i thought id try something else unless i can still use astalavista to hack that and get a free one, can i?

Thanx Taxman yet another problem u have helped my out with.

UBB (that of Infopop) can be found all over the web…

Probably someone here can send you the latest version. I have an older version lying around, message me if you want it and I can mail it to you.

Thanx taxman how big is it, if its larger than 1.5meg my Yahoo account wont accept it. If it is ill pm u with my outlook account and u can mail me there.


check your mail.

Thanx 4 the e-mail Taxman i really appreciate u helping me out.