Setting up Liteon HDA740GX with NTL


I’m trying to get my new Liteon HDA740GX to scan and set up my NTL channels but without success. I’ve got my NTL box connected to the HDA740GX via a SCART cable plus an RF cable, and the HDA740GX to the TV via a second SCART cable.

The signal does get through to the TV - with the HDA740GX on or off I can watch TV and flip through the channels using the NTL box. I can also record the channel I’m watching and use the Time Shift function. However, when I go to Setup and tell it to scan all the channels, it only finds the channel I’m currently watching. Any tips?



The recorder’s tuner will only scan OTA analog channels,
and only when you have an antenna connected.

Thanks, that’s what I was afraid of and what someone on another forum has told me as well. Thanks for the reply!

Also, here in the US the tuner is mono, not stereo,
so I use an old stereo VCR’s tuner to record analog
and a digital STB to record DTV.
Other than that, I really like my 760. :slight_smile:

Your NTL box may support the RED-EYE device
If you have a PACE 1000/1010/2000 then it uses a IRDA remote instead of IR like most other devices. The RED-EYE product allows you to use one of the many multi-remotes to control the PACE unit.

However, this opens up the chance to use it to force channel selections from a device which supports GUIDE Plus+.

The bad news … The LiteOn devices dont support GUIDE Plus.
but here’s a list of machines that do support it …