Setting up external usb drive!



I have a Dell Inspiron 2200 laptop with a full hard drive. I purchased a WD external USB drive. How do I configure this drive to use on my laptop? I am not sure how to go about partitioning.


If you were to google “install new hard drive”, you would find instructions which tell you that you have to format the new drive, and then you may or may not partition it after that. Then your new hard drive is ready to use.


Usually, external disks are already formatted, so the only thing you must do is plugging the USB port to your computer and you’re ready to use the drive.

However, with the Disk management tool included in Windows you can modify partitions and reformat the disk as you like :slight_smile:

Once you connect the disc through the USB port, go to the desktop, right click on “MyComputer” and select [B]Manage[/B].

From there, select “[B]Disk management[/B]”. Here you can see all installed disks.

Select the drive you want to modify and partition it as you like :slight_smile: