Setting up EAC

I have upgraded my PC with a new MB and an AMD 64 X2 3800+ CPU. When I reinstall EAC, it does not list my dvd-Rom or dvd-rw drives as it did before the upgrade. The install Wizard has a check box but does not display any drive info next to it. Is there anything special that myst be done before loading it on this type of processor?


You are missing an ASPI layer, required by most rippers including EAC.

If you don’t want to install a system wide ASPI, you can simply copy the [B]WNASPI32.DLL[/B] from the Nero folder if you have Nero installed.
You can also download the Nero ASPI Layer DLL.

Simply copy the file to the EAC folder.

Actually, EAC usually works also using native NT/2K/XP SPTI or ASAPI.
That said, your “local ASPI installation” tip is fine and often helps in the situation pointed out by JeffHorne. :iagree:


Thank you Nemesys. I have Nero 7 and have copied the DLL to my EAC folder. It now recognizes my ROM drive, which is better than before.