Setting up an provider?



after all the trouble with all the providers
i am thinking of setting up my own provider.
But there is one problem left how do i do it?
I have searched and asked about everybody but nobody was able to help me ,or to give me an address/url of somebody,company or organisation who could.
Please help me out,so that i at least can try to setup an provider thats realy worthwhile.

thanks pinda


I sometimes read in the saturday edition of the dutch newspaper ‘Trouw’ (at the advertisements) an advertisement of how to setup your own provider. Unfortunately I don’t know their site or e-mail address. I’ll look it up tommorrow and will place the address here

Bier is mijn vijand, maar in de bijbel staat: Heb uw vijand lief:



I would also like to know what staps to be taken to connect your own server to a backbone and get IP address blocks. I know a little about this stuff, but I’d like to know everything
Anyone who can tell me more about this, please post some info here…



If you have the $$$ you could hook up to What you ask is a little advanced for this forum. I’d first suggest learning to use a REAL OS. like OPEN/FREEbsd. The rest of the info can be gotten reading the documentation and the appropriate RFCs.

Also the Oreilly books (you know, the ones with animals) are the best for explaining everything in depth.

*If setting an ISP up was so easy, everyone would have their own…

For all your CD needs


As far as I know it takes a lot of time, money and knowledge to be your own provider.
You need lots of things:

  1. connection to backbone (surfnet). Expensive, starts with 500 euro a month
  2. connection hardware (router)
  3. server hardware
  4. fine tuned OS. you should use Linux of FreeBSD or something like it. If you don’t really know the ins and outs of these OS-es you wont come very far.

Conclusion: start learning about linux and/or freebsd (decide for yourself).
Let me know when you’re online

Greetz, Gandalf


Wanna start a ISP?!?!

Well… first of all robb a bank, after this read lots and lots of Unix books. Try your work on a internal network, after this you may think of it… But believe me, it ain’t easy!!!