Setting up a wifi network with PC in the kitchen



I have determined that my PC is not wifi capable, so I have just bought a usb wifi adapter for it. I have an apple airport router that I also just recently bought. I think I have all the pieces to set it up, I am just not sure what to start with first; the usb adapter came with it’s own little cd rom to set up in windows. do I set up the usb adapter with it’s cd rom first? before I hook up my apple airport router to my DSL modem? or do I hook up the apple router to my DSL modem & PC first?

I am setting up with a dell dimension from 2003 PC running windows XP home service pack 2. Right now it has a wired set up with at & t with a black DSL modem. I notice windows has its’ own wifi setup wizard in the control panel. Should I use this? or use the cd roms that came with the usb adapter & apple router?


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