Setting up A Video Arcade?

Sorry if this is not the correct forum. Wasnt sure where to put it.

My girlfriends dad, knowing I am a computer geek, and electronics geek in general has asked me to research a project for the store he works in. They have 10 video booths. Each booth has 1 TV. Now in a cabinet, they have 8 DVD Players(Philips DVP642). They are hooked in to something they call a server. I believe the system is a EL 01859 Switcher Cabinet. You can see the “sever” here:
I dunno if this is truly some ancient server or wth it is. Anyways the system is set up so that after putting token in the booth, you are able to change the channel on the TV. There are 8 channels, so channel 1 is going to display whatever DVD is on DVD Player 1 wherever it is in the video weather it be 10 min in or 1 hour in. Switch to channel 2, you see whats on DVD Player 2. And so on.

Well the current system works but he wants to convince the boss to switch to a disc-less system. He got an estimate from a company called who said it would cost about $30,000 for the set up. I am thinking this can be done for a lot cheaper! He wants to be able to display 99 movies at one time though, because the TVs can accommodate 99 channels. However thinking about this more in depth, you would need quite a bit of power to process 99 movies at the same time. I think 5 video cards, if used in a dual monitor type configuration would be sufficient to power 10 TVs, but how could the channel changing operation be implemented? What about enough CPU power for 99 movies at once? Would the 5 video cards even be sufficient? If the video card is only be used to render the video for the TV, I would think the rest of the video processing could be done on the CPU but that technically leaves 89 movies left for the CPU to be processing at one.

Obviously on a smaller scale it could be done very easy, but the main thing the puzzles me is how the channel changing operation would be handled as I am unsure if this owuld be hardware,software of a combo of both.

Any ideas?

NOTE: He is hopping to get this done with in a $5,000 budget, but the cheaper the better.

8 TVs is only 8 streams. If you had a server PC it could easily stream to 8 screens simultaneously (and offer lots more than 99 movies). For the TV clients you could just use a box like a Roku. 8 Rokus @ $60 is $480, a server could be built for well under $2000, network switch $50, network misc. and installation $???..

I had considered the media player route but not sure something requiring a remote is a good idea. it’d be like a hotel…evrytime people check out they have to stock the room with a new remote cause everyone steals it, and while maybe not every customer would do this, some undoubtedly will. I will run the media player idea by him and see what he thinks of the remote idea. while a bit more more costly I think I would go the wd live route as this is what I have and the custom firmware wdlxtv could be installed to use NFS which might be a good posibility.

Epoxy the remote in place…

Thanks but I talked the remote idea over with her dad, and he said thats a big negative.They cant so much as put a trash can in there with out it getting totaled out, so the channel changer built in to the wall of the booth is the only type of interactive device they would allow in the booth.