Setting up a Plex Server



I’ve read articles on the web about how easy this product is to use. Maybe to use, but certainly not to setup.
My Plex Server is on my Synology DS1513+ along with over 1400 1080p, mp4 (video) and acc (audio) movies. It is my understand that this format will play using DirectPlay so NO transcoding is required.

The problem is, all of these titles transcode when playing on my Roku 3 with the Plex app when they shouldn’t be. I know this because it drives my Synology CPU through the roof (100%).
That being said, the movie won’t play for very long before it starts buffering.

I’ve verified the video parameters using Infomedia and am at a stand still insofar as what to try next. I take great care when creating these mp4’s so no transcoding should ever be necessary.

If I play the movie on my iPad using the Plex app and transfer it to my HDTV with Air Play, it works fine and my Synology CPU remains next to 0 as it should. The same is true if I use the Roku Media Player app on the Roku pointing to the Plex server.

Plex doesn’t offer technical support or I would be asking this question to them directly. I’m hoping one of the Experts here have already figured this out.


I hope that someone with experience will show up here, but I really haven’t seen too many discussions about Plex in our forums.

Plex does have a forum if you can figure out which subforum your topic would best fit.

And AVSForum is another spot to try, though I admit they are very picky about where you post questions. This one seems to be the best choice: