Setting Up 5005 w/ Dish Network System

I connected a newly-purchased LVW 2005 with my High Definition Dish network receiver, and though I can record a station that is tuned in using the Standard Defintion mode, I have yet to be able to get the 5005 to kick on for a preset timed scheduled program, via the satellite’s event timer.

My JVC HR-VP720U VCR has always worked this way, using this receiver thru the AV1 connection, by leaving the unit always on, rather than following the recorder’s method.

Is there something different about a VCR that makes it able to respond to a cable receiver’s commands vs. a DVD recorder? Or is it just the 5005 that will not answer its signal?

To no avail, I’ve tried the RCA cables on both the AV2 (on the back) & AV1 (on the front). The receiver will click over to the proper channel, after setting up with the satellite system’s scheduled timer, but the powered up recorder does not switch over to the Record function.

What could be wrong?

I finally realized that the VCR set up with my satellite doesn’t work the same way as a DVD Recorder and I tried following what it says in the manual – that you must turn the recorder off for a timed recording.

The problem still is that unless the TV set and the receiver (in Standard Defintiion mode) are both turned on and you want to record the channel the system is tuned into, you have to set both the satellite timer as well as the DVD recorder for a timed recording.

The thumbnail produced is a blank screen for the recording session and there are seconds of blank screen during the start-up of a playback evidently because the satellite receiver and the DVD recorder do not click on at the same time.

Is there an easy method to get around this in order to get a thumbnail of your program? Clock times appear to be in sync for receiver and recorder. It’s impossible to set clock times simultaneously so that the seconds elapsed are exactly match. How do you ensure that both timers click on at the same time?

This is a minor problem with the Liteons. There is no really way round your problem, except to set the dish to come on slightly earlier than the liteon. At least you get a thumbnail albeit often of the preceding adverts.

I actually find thumbnails useless in general. In the UK programs often vary from the time schedules by up to +/-2 minutes, and so I set the timers a couple of minutes either side in any case, and in the worst case, the thumbnail records 4 minutes or so of garbage.

Another minor but annoying problem experienced with some liteons (but not all - don’t know if this is a problem with the 2005) is that the clock is not always that accurate and drifts over time tending to gain a couple of minutes (quite why is unclear - after digital clocks are hardly a new invention!). If this happens, all you can do is reset the timer manually.