Setting the HDD to UltraDMA

Hey everyone.

I bought a new 200G Ata100 Seagate drive.
I’m experienced in putting PCs together but I’m stumped here. The hard drive will not go into UDMA mode, no matter what i do. I tried registry fixes, deleting/reinstalling the Primary/Secondary IDE channels, using multiple cables, etc…
The drive just won’t use UDMA, only PIO.

Any ideas? :slight_smile: :bow:

have you checked the bios settings??

80 wire ide cable installed? - no udma5+ modes without it…

What chipset is on your mainboard? If it’s based on a VIA or SiS chipset, be sure to install the (latest) chipset drivers. For NVidia and Intel chipsets, better remove the drivers if installed.

I have a Asus A7A266 MB, Ali chipset. I used 80 PIN cable, 2 of them but still nothing. The BIOS sees the drive as UDMA 5 but windows won’t set it to UDMA, only PIO.

@ Dee-ehn
Why remove drivers for Intel unless you’re referring to the “Acceleration”-drivers?

is there a second device on te same ide ide channel, maybe a dvd rw or rom, if yes try to disconnect the device and boot with the hd only

Yup, tried booting with just the 1 HDD hooked up, no dice.
Same result, only shows up in PIO mode.

it´s an ALi M1647 chipset! if nothing works i would also try to uninstall also other IDE drivers, but try the latest before

I tried several versions of the IDE drivers. I found an old 1.04 version of Ultra IDE drivers, installed them and now all my devices show up SCSI and the burner behaves strangely, with some weird SCSI errors on some burns. The hard drive seems to be UDMA mode cuz it takes under 1 min to copy 700 megs of data…
So I guess the HDD can work in UDMA, but only as SCSI…

@Dizzy: I indeed refer to the Intel acceleration software (those are ordinary IDE drivers that make more problems than anything else)

@H3rB3i: thanks!

@venomnet: sounds strange; IDE devices shouldn’t be listed as SCSI devices (although this can be achieved with a certain software trick, it’s not a nice thing to do)… don’t know a solution for now…
Maybe you can try to remove all drivers with a tool like JV16 Powertools and reinstall the latest drivers and see what’ll happen.