Setting reading speed in benq 1620? in encrypter?



how can reading speed be set for benq?
how can it be set in encrypter?


It depends what you want to set it to. It can be slowed with a couple of applications like Nero Drive Speed, etc.
You cannot set it higher than the strategy in the firmware tells.

If you mean DVD Decrypter under “encrypter”, the answer is again no.


yes I meant decrypter.
so cant set in reading speed in decrypter???


Do you want to set it faster or slow it down? You can set it slower at Tools/Settings/Device tab. But no faster than the default reading strategy for that particular disc type in FW.


faster. not slow.


That’s a restriction in the firmware of your drive. Right now there is not even a good FW hack to bypass this. :sad:


what is the maximum reading speed of benq 1620?


It depends on the disc type.
CDFreaks review page 3


I think you need to look at his read graph.