Setting Netscape e-mail default browser?

I use Netscape Mail because I hate outlook and every virus targeted at outlook.
I also find Nescape to have a simpler, neater interface… and over the years I grew very accustom to using it.


One thing bugs me that I can’t for the life of it figure out how to change. When I get links to another website via e-mail, clicking the link will automatically launch Netscape Navigator Broswer. I looked through the options and tried everything I can think of to change this to automatically launch Internet Explorer (or any ther browser for that matter), but to no avail found a way to do this.

Does anyone here know how?

In IE, Tools > Internet Options > Programs. Is Netscape Mail selected under Email? And of course, there’s the check box on the bottom that says IE should check whether it’s the default browser.

Personally, I don’t get why some many people are attached to IE when there are a number of better and superior browsers out there, especially w/ the FireFox and the inevitable introduction of FireFox 1.0 on the horizon. But that’s just me. Mozilla rocks the house if you want the Netscape package w/o the Netscape.

You should definitely upgrade from Netscape to Mozilla or Mozilla Thunderbird.
They’ll ask when you fire them up if you want to use it as default mail application.

Yep all that was done and checked.

My needs are very simple and I have yet to find a better and more customizable popupstopper than popupcop which currently only supports IE.

I’ve tried a series of other browser just like all the mentioned here and others and I just don’t see much a difference (maybe cause I am on a cable connection) but I have a diversity of websites I tested each on and IE does the same job and an even better job with popupcop.

My problem is not getting Netscape Mail to be seen by IE but Netscape Mail to use IE as default web browser when sent links.

IE uses any mail link to launch Netscape mail, but Netscape Mail won’t launch links via IE.

perhaps you can associate iexplorer.exe with the correct mime type in some kind of file? it may not work, since it probably recognizes html files by default. just a guess, though

ckin2001 I even tried searching through the entire registry, data string, per data string, took only half hour of hitting F3 almost continously but I couldn’t figure out which Netscape setting it was and some parts of registry were so difficult to figure out I didn’t want to mess around tooo much. I am just gonna give up on this one and copy paste URL into IE as I have been doing in the past… sigh :frowning:

Thanks for the help and suggestions


My default internet browser is Internet Explorer, but my e-mail client is Netscape messenger. When I put a hyperlink in a Nescape e-mail, clicking the hyperlink will open the URL in Netscape Navigator instead of Internet Explorer. Is there anyway to open the link with IE?


To be certain that I am understanding you:
• Internet Explorer is your default browser
• You want Internet Explorer to open when clicking on a link in Netscape Mail

If that is it, then you can add this script to the bottom of the prefs.js file, making it the last line.
user_pref(“network.protocol-handler.external.http”, true);

To open the prefs.js file:
Start | Programs | Accessories | Notepad
Click on: File | Open
Navigate to the prefs.js file

Your prefs.js file will be located here:
C:\Program Files\Netscape\Users\username

Ensure that Netscape is closed when you edit prefs.js. Back up the file before editing, or better yet, the entire Users folder.

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WOW, you are G0d of Web Searching. I actually gave up. I must say I am very happy now. BTW, the guy wrote “but my e-mail client is Netscape messenger” when he meant Netscape Mail…he he he

Anyhow I did try it and it works, but there is a small bug, when clicking on e-mails with ads, like my response generated e-mails from ebay, it automatically launches IE with the ads in a layout in an html page. Odd behavior and only happens I noticed to e-mails with ads in them, otherwise it works fine. I actually got scared because I thought my PC crashed when a triple click noise was emitted fromt he speakers and IE opened up only after clicking on a subject line in Netscape… :eek:

I will maybe write and add to that post to see if any solution is possible.

Thanks ever so much Airhead :bow:

Glad it worked :slight_smile:

I thought I had found the Holy Grail when I saw this thread. Clicked on a link and…
Netscape AND IE open up. DOH!

OK I also have another problem. Interestingly enough the same is true on my wife’s computer.

When clicking on an e-mail link it opens Outlook Express.

Yes have checked:
IE > tools > Internet Options
Netscape mail > Edit > Preferences
Start > Set Program Access and Defaults (ven unchecking enable acces to Outlook Express and Netscape browser)

Running Windows XP Professional on mine, XP Home on wife’s - both with latest updates

Thanks in advance gurus


Seems its not perfect, as soom as an e-mail has images or embedded links that are images, the clicking operation goes crazy and opens IE, netscape, outlook, or combinations of the software depending on its mood.

Maybe they will perfect it. I found a cool line to add to use the default Winword spelling and grammer check if anyone is interested.

in my folder options, there is a file types tab. at the top, there are things that have [none] for their extension type. if you scroll down a bit, still within the “no extension” area, there is/are some selections for url:whatever protocol. if you click advanced at the bottom for say, URL:Mailto Protocol, and click the edit button on the side, you will see that the default program/action is to use outlook express.

While I believe removing a few of these will change the problem - I have not tested this. The URL handlers would seem to be what governs this, though :smiley:


Mozilla ThunderBird is compatible with Netscape’s mail format. + The interface is similar. I used to be a netscape 7 user for my e-mail only, and I recently switched to thunderbird, without any problem. Smaller installation, starts faster than Netscape.

(If it doesn’t pick it up automatically; just copy over the Mail folder from netscape’s c:\Documents and settings<users>\Application data… to thunderbird’s application data folder)

I’m using Firefox, but you can use whatever browser you want, links will work just as well.

Thunderbird launches the default system browser when you click on links.

As for popup blocking, I haven’t had a problem with firefox so far. Besides, as far as I remember, popup blockers on IE usually work after the popup window has appeared (even though it might get zapped before you get to actually see it). If that is still the case, then it can get quite cpu-intensive on some malicious (porn) websites.

In which software are you referring to with the tab types within folder options? Is it under a windows default setting, Netscape setting, or IE setting?

control panel -> appearance and themes -> folder options

ohhh, me not use themes, they look very unprofessional