Setting NEC3500 and DVD DROM as slave or master?



Thismight be a stupid question here but I just got a DVD ROM drive (AOPEN/AAP) and already have a NEC3500A. Does it matter really what one is set up as a slave and what is set up as a master? I was going to make the DVD ROM drive a slave and leave the NEC as the master.

Thanks in advance.


Your writer should always be set to MASTER if possible.


I put mu DVD-ROM to master because I rip with it.


leave the NEC3500 as master with the DVD-ROM drive set to slave. as dee-27 said this always best. i have my 2500 emulated throught sata with a converter and it works no problem. hope this helps.



I have always used the DVD-rom as the Master and the burner as slave - 'cause I use the DVD-rom as my ripper (and use Master and Slave jumpers - just to make sure it recognizes correctly)-

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I think that it doesn’t really matter.
Just try it first.
My 3500 is master with my 2500 as slave on the same IDE cable.
Both work fine.
I tried to put my 3500 on my Promise Ultra133 PCI controller but that din’t work.
Now i got my LiteOn 811 and LTD163 together with a 3rd HD on the Promise controller, just for reading the extra controller is fine.

Just test it first.


My 3500 is set as Slave with my Samsung CD-RW set as Master and works fine.



I have my LiteOn CD-RW as Master and NEC 3500 as Slave and I have no problems. I had my Sony as Slave prior to the NEC and that too worked fine.


i have 3500ag and i use it as a slave and my dvd rom as master,. So far no problem.
dell 4600
fx5200 video 256 ram


Toshiba SD 1802 DVD-ROM as MASTER,
NEC 3500A as SLAVE here (on secondary channel)
both work like a charm.
I also think that it doesn’t really matter :iagree:


it makes no difference at all. I would just set them up to make the cable routing as easy as possible…


as long as your fastest device is the master there should be no issues. If they are both the same UDMA mode it shouldnt matter


Yeah, Both the burner and reader are 16x speed so I guess it shouldn’t matter.