Setting IDE ATA UDMA mode from 2 to 6

I have been doing considerable research on this question, but I wish to get a clear idea about the solution: I have a DVD and a CD drive on 1st IDE channnel. These work in UDMA 2 mode. On 2nd IDE channel I have a HD Maxtor 80 GB as master -system disk- and a HD Maxtor 180 GB as slave. Both are in UDMA 2 mode. These are recently bought 7200 RPM drives capable of working in UDMA 6 mode. But until now try as I might I could not bring them to UDMA 6 mode. My MOBO is ASUS P4P8SX under WIN XP Prof. I haver upgraded the BIOS, upgraded the SIS IDE drives, updated everything on Win XP and so on. i am probably missing something very obvious but what? Any help will be highly appreciated.

your hard drives should be on the primary IDe not the secondary. and as far as I know maxtor’s which are ATA 133 will show up as UDMA 5.

Thanks ISS. This was what I suspected. But before making any changes I wanted to be sure of what I am doing. One additional point. If I make this change, will Windows ask for reactivation and cause trouble because of that?

Simply changing IDE channels for installed hard drives will not cause windows to ask for reactivation.

Also be sure you are using a 80-wire IDE cable (ATA-133)