Setting for winxp

well my winxp is not running as fast i wanted …can anybody tell some setting …like winxp tweakess do0o…just i want my pc to b more efficent and more fast…some one told me that we can do0o without tweaks so0o any one knows that setting ??? or if u know any one free winxp tweaks then tell me website…

Well, you could drop WinXP in favor of 2000 which is faster. It’s the easier way unless you know where and what you want to tweak.

the first thing you can do is get rid of the shiny xp look by going into the system properties and selecting the advanced tab then choosing the visual effects tab “Adjust for best performance” radio button then the advanced tab selct the “programs” button on each question there. Then go into the display properties and select the “windows classic” theme, That’s a start

here is a guide to winxp services. disabling some of these suckers can get you a bit more free ram and shorter startup time. And check what’s autostarting with msconfig and disable stuff you don’t need. Also set a static page file size and then defrag your system partition. Then get out to buy some more ram unless you have 1GB or more already

oh almost forgot
scan for spyware with ad-aware
and scan for viruses