Setting DVDFab to start at menu?

I just tried out DVDFab for the first time. Basically what happened is I deleted all the trailers and stuff at the beginning of the movie using “Customize” then I burned it to DVD.

When I played the movie there was about 20sec or more of black screen before the Main Menu where the trailers used to be. The menu finally came up and then the movie played just fine.

Is there anyway to easily get rid of that black screen and have the movie start right at the Main Menu as soon as the DVD is put in?

I’m using DVDFab Platinum


Update to version or beta and see what happens.

So in the newer versions it doesnt play the black parts? or do I have to enable some option in it?


I installed the beta and to me it still looks like it will put in the black screens. “Default CBG: Black Screen” (whatever CBG means) The only option is black Screen or DVDFab and I sure dont want that stupid DVDfab screen either. That was worse then the black screens.

Hi Thadragun, why dont you just copy main movie and you wont see black screens


Good advice AnnieB. That just might work.

I wanted the menu still tho. I didn’t delete everything, just some. I wanted the extras. Otherwise that would work.

Hi ThaDraGun,

Thanks for your good suggestion, we will consider to implement it in future versions.

BTW, you can add your suggestion to the thread:

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Just added it to the thread.

So I guess it can’t be done with DVDfab. Does anyone know any other program where I can edit these black screens out?? I want to be able to put in my dvd and it immediately start at the main menu.

[B]Just re-author with DVD Shrink[/B]. It’s exactly what I’m doing when using chapters selection in “Main Movie”. Maybe we’ll finally get rid of those “[B]ANNOYING STILL PICTURES[/B]” (at least DVD Shrink gives you the choice to replace “content removed” with these…!!!). As I’m concerned, I look at these…!!! as many dummy “NAGGING SCREENS” and nothing else. Don’t worry, I already did mention these facts 2 weeks ago or so, and “STILL…” waiting for…!. Yes, you just got it, an easy answer. Good luck.


Hmm… So if I reauthor it with DVD shrink it does it automatically? I thought if I did that it would just copy it exactly as it is right now with those annoying black screens. There’s no option I have to select in DVD shrink for it to skip everything and jump to main menu is there?
Wow if that works it’ll be a piece of cake.

Just re-read [U][I]CAREFULLY[/I][/U] my first sentence. I said [B]“Re-Author” [U]NOT[/U] “Full Disc”[/B]. And yes, it’ll be a piece of cake. Just pour some more cream on top of it!..