Setting default burning options?

Hey m8s, how exactly would I go about setting default burining options in nero? I’ve looked all over and don’t see a way to do it.
Specifically, I would like the default burn speed to be set at 24x. I burn a ton of cds and it’s a pain to manually change to 24x on every cd.


nero sets it to “maximum” or the max the media can handle by default, i don’t see what the problem is?’

Also im pretty certain you cannot do what you’re trying to do, because the speeds are determined when nero reads the media.


a pic of what nero looks like if i burn a compilation, it’s set to “maximum”, which will write at the maximum speed that is supported by both the burner/media.

well, when i burn at maximum speed, audio quality is a bit degraded (you cant really tell on home systems, but on a club system you can) and the cd tends to skip in CDJ decks.

ohhh, you want to lower the speed, im thinking you have a dvd-rw drive, most are 24X cd-rw burners… lol, dunno how you would do that, not like it’s much work to click 24x, lol.

ok thanks anyway. its not that much work, but it gets annoying when you’re burning 50+ cds at a time and have to do it for each one.