Setting Chapters in 5007

I am in the process of backing up VHS tapes to DVD.

The tapes in question consist of 1-hour programs. Some tapes have 1 program on them, some have 2. My goal is to put 5 or 6 programs on each backup DVD. Recording the 1 program tapes is no problem - there is a chapter created when I record that tape.

My question is about the 2 program tapes. What I have been doing is stopping the recording after the first program and then re-starting the recording to get the second chapter.

Is there a way to mark a chapter start while the 5007 is recording?

I searched the manual but could find no reference to doing this.

Thanks in advance,


on the 5005 if you hit the edit button while it is recording it will mark a new chapter but you will not get a graphic or text listing for the 2nd program.

A title(program) is created when you start recording.This is the thumbnail or text title when you go to the top menu…,A chapter is just a ‘find point’ when you press 'next’and will not create any visible graphic.This can be done manually by pressing edit during recording(on the 5005) or you can set it to insert a chapter point at intervals in the record set up…The only way to create a thumbnail or text title is by starting a recording from a ‘stopped’ position (not pause).I agree it would have been a good function to have but maybe a future model will have it.

Thanks for your responses. I’ll just have to keep stopping the recording to get the multiple titles.

Actually, this may be a moot point.

Sunday I recorded five 1-hour programs on a single dvd using the 6-hour recording mode. After viewing the resulting dvd, I may revert to the 1-hour (HD?) setting and only record one hour per dvd.

This should give me better quality, no?

zeszut; You will definitly see a huge improvement in PQ if you use the 1 Hour. I have used the 2 and 3 hour and they are both very Picture Quality.

Thanks, workknot.

I’m moving to the 1-hour pq. More CDs but, hey, 13 CDs will beat 8 tapes for storage space any day!