Setting cable select or master/slave dvd drive

Hi, Question?
What is the difference between setting dvd burner to cable select or master or slave on back of dvd burner? Will setting the drive to cable select make the drive faster?

Thanks in adavance

Mr.Bill :bow:

No not faster. Some older mobo’s don’t like master/slave setup but i would go that route if possible. If that doesn’t work then go for CS on both drives.

Thansk Bob. I have always used one drive as master and the other drive as slave. Really never had a problem with it. I never use cable select. So I can set both drives to cable select then? Is that better than setting master/slave?

Mr. Bill :iagree:

I have always read master/slave is best and i have always used master/slave. I don’t have any experience with CS actually. I don’t see how CS would be better though.

I don’t know if it matters anymore, but my reading tells ms that both BIOS & the drive have to support CS. Maybe somebody can say if that comes into play anymore. On the changing over, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it, is what I would advise. BTW, my reading tells the same as Bob said, if you can use master/slave, that’s the way to go.

Thanks guys. I think that I will stick to master/slave setting. And I say if it ain’t broke don’t brake it LOL.

Mr. Bill :iagree: :iagree: