Setting boot internal hardrive



I recently reinstalled the original hardrive for my HP Compaq 1600 computer after running out of storage space. I’d had trouble with getting it to boot just after Xmas so installed a Seagate Barracuda 250 Gb internal hardrive as main boot disc.
On installation of the original drive, it has become the main boot drive. I’ve now got all my programs on what is now drive D, which are thereby not accessible to drive C. I would like to have the Barracuda drive, which is now Drive D become the master drive & the main boot drive. I’ve tried going into BIOS when it’s rebooting and switching main drive back to it but it keeps reverting .
How do I go about getting this to revert to the set up its had since Xmas, while using the original hardrive which has been wiped of any content it had, simply as a storage device?


[QUOTE=stevolende;2507826] On installation of the original drive, it has become the main boot drive…

…which has been wiped of any content[/QUOTE]

To me it seems there is still an active partition on that disk then. What operating system are we talking about. Windows XP?

This is a tricky one, since most Compaq systems also put some BIOS/SETUP information on some hidden partition on the original system drive. Make sure you have a good backup of all your data and have working restore discs ready.

Try disconnecting that drive completely (power and cable) and boot your system. If it boots ok and you got all your data in the correct place then you first are sure that the current connected single disk is the operating system disk you want. If it does not boot at all, there is no active boot parition on this harddisk.

Next disconnect this disk and reconnect the original harddisk. Do not boot it, but low level format it. This will remove any partition there might be on it, it will destroy everything! Google for tools that can do this for you. Remember that a low level format is not the same as a normal windows format.

Make absolutely sure you do not need the data and/or any (hidden) partitions on that disk before you low level format it!

After all is done, connect both disks on your system. Because the old disk is now completely empty, it should boot at your 2nd disk, since it has an active partition on it.


Should have said that, not being able to get this to boot I reinstalled Windows XP. Was that a stupid move?
Think from what you’re saying that, next time I can afford an external hard drive I’m going to have to export everything I’ve now got on that drive to it, then totally wipe the disc.
Then possibly I’ll have an extra 80GB of storage.

Hopefully that’ll be over next couple of weeks. i might just be better off getting a 2nd larger internal .

Didn’t think that I’d need to install anything. But just couldn’t get it to boot.