Setting BookType to DVD-ROM on used DVD+RW on ND-3500A

After the Mad Dog 2.F9 firmware and Liggy’s modified 2.18 firmware came out with support for BookType setting of DVD+RW media, there has been some discussions on this formum whether this will work with DVD+RW media that has already been used.

I haven’t really seen any success stories in relation to this, but I just found two ways of doing it that seems to work with Liggy’s modified 2.18 firmware; I didn’t try it with 2.F9 so I don’t know if it will work there.

One way of doing it:
Nero CD-DVD Speed 3.50 ( By selecting Erase Disc… from the Extra menu, and then using the Format button, the disc is erased and formatted with a BookType set to DVD-ROM - provided that this BookType setting is already enabled in the firmware of course! A Quick Format seems to be sufficient.

Another way of doing it:
DVDInfoPro 2.63 ( By selecting the Erase/Format button and then pressing Go, the disc is erased and formatted with a BookType set to DVD-ROM - provided that this BookType setting is already enabled in the firmware of course! A Fast Format seems to be sufficient.

Disc before format and bitsetting:

Disc after format and bitsetting:

Interesting. I have an old Ricoh drive and a utility that allows this toggling with no other affect on the disk. A full written disk can be toggled back and forth between -ROM or +RW and the contents remain intact. Naturally the utility won’t work with my 2510 or my Plex 708A although disks written on these drives can be toggled in the Ricoh. I don’t know if there is any reason a utility like this couldn’t be written or modified to work with any drive given sufficient information on the drive to mod the firmware. Therin lies the rub or course.

We refer to that as “instant bitsetting” or “instant write”.
The firmware must specifically support this function in order for a tool to be developed for it.

Didn’t know there was a name for it Wes but that’s why I hung onto the old
Ricoh drive, instant bitsetting is a handy option to have around. Too bad that
bitsetting is treated as a pariah by so many drive makers. Perhaps with the need
for it on DL media will make it an across the board standard in the future.

The RICOH drives are unbeatable in that area.

Tried both option and i still get book-type as +RW

The same here… :sad:

Me too :frowning:

same thing :frowning:

This feature is supported on LiteOn DVD writers (with newer firmware).
The instant bitsetting can be performed in Kprobe.

As I wrote in my original post, I managed to make a previously used DVD+RW accept the DVD-ROM BookType setting.

I already knew that this doesn’t always work, and this is confirmed by other posts in this thread as well.

I have done some further tests with the DVD+RW bitsetting capabilities of the 2.18 firmware by Liggy, and as far as I can see it is only possible to change the BookType to DVD-ROM a limited number of times; at some point the BookType of a disc can no longer be changed from DVD+RW to DVD-ROM - and I have no idea why!? :confused:

I managed to change the BookType back and forth between DVD+RW and DVD-ROM a handful of times (resetting from DVD+RW to DVD-ROM approximately five times, but I didn’t count the exact number of times).

I can still change the BookType of already used DVD+RW discs to DVD-ROM using either of the two methods described above, so the ability to change the BookType to DVD-ROM is lost for a disc but not for the drive itself.

Use or ignore this information however you see fit. :slight_smile:

And about the comand line utility to change the bitsetting in DVD+RW media? Can work?

"To change the format of the currently loaded DVD+RW disc, use either one of the following commands:

dvdplusrwbitset -dvd-rom-spec -media d:
Change the identification bitsettings on the currently loaded DVD+RW disc to DVD-ROM specification. "


Thanks Robertoy. I will include this little program on my page. A help file (.txt) is included.

The command in this program is not supported by newer NEC firmwares. That’s only Ricoh style bitsetting - at least if things haven’t changed during the last 2 months. I used the commands in this program as a base for my Ricoh bitsetting code :slight_smile:

Thanks Liggy. So it’s better to remove this from the firmware page because it would not work on our NEC drives, if I understand you correctly.

It should work on several 25x0 drives with Herrie’s 1.07v2b5

Sorry, wrong post.

I try an old HP 520n 2.21 firmware (NEC 2500 clone) that was able to set booktype in CD/DVD Speed 3.50 without erasing the already formated DVD+RW disc ! I think it’s the same old “Ricoh style bitsetting” that Liggy’s talking about.

I do not understand this regression from old HP DVD+RW correct bitsetting to new buggy MadDog one… I think we could mail this bug to MadDog.

So I took a used dvd+rw (sony 4x), whose booktype had already been set to dvd+rw, and tried to reset the booktype to dvd-rom. With winbtypev2 I had set the dvd+rw default booktype to dvd-rom. Then, with nero, I did recorder->erase rewritable disc->quick. The result was a disk whose booktype was still dvd+rw (as seen via dvdinfopro and dvdidentifer). Next I tried: dvdinfopro 3.43 erase->fast format function. The result was a disk whose booktype was now dvd-rom (as seen via dvdinfopro and dvdidentifier).

My firmware is maddog 2.f9 with rip lock patch.

I also tried quick format using recordnow dx, and that failed to reset the booktype on a used dvd+rw, just as with nero. So for me, dvdinfopro is the only program of the three I’ve tried that is able to rewrite the booktype on a used disk. I also tested with ricohjnpw01 media - same results as with the sony branded philips disks.