Setting Booktype ALWAYS to DVD-ROM --> Risks?


I have set my NEC-3500A to always use the DVD-ROM booktype with +R discs.

Now I wonder if there are any imaginable negative side-effects or risks
doing so, or if there are none at all (only positive effects)?

For example, if I burn normal Data DVDs (not movies) is using the DVD-ROM
instead of the +R booktype risky in any way (compatibility with drives etc.) ??

Thank you in advance.

As far as I know there are no negatives associated to having the booktype set to DVD-ROM all the time for +R’s

I agree with Rissen. No risks that I know of.

What happens when you burn a multisession dvd-rom? is the disc going to be recognised the next time you put it into writter, or is it gonna be ‘not writtable disc inserted’?

My player (Daytek P871) will not read a memorex +rw set to dvd-rom, only if I set it to dvd+RW will it work. Writer is a Benq1610

I’ve seen this behaviour with DVD+RW on my Toshiba DVD-ROM too, but DVD+R with changed booktype never caused any trouble for me.