Setting Best Read Speed In Omnipatcher v.2.3.1 For 1693S




Downloaded the new Omnipatcher (thank you very much) and printed out the instructions-

Need to know how to set the read speed so that I get the optimum speed for a pressed dual layer DVD movie - I set the ROM to 16x and am only getting 8x from my dual layer movie - so I must be doing something wrong-

TIA for any constructive advice-



ya need to set the dvd9 one


The “best” settings will vary from one drive to the next. Most 1693’s seem to be doing well with all settings set to max, which is 16x for all and 12x for DVD-R9.

The consequences of setting all speeds to max are that it does create more wear and tear on the drive, but not so much that you shouldn’t see a year or so of good use for ripping a disc or 2 every day. That too will vary by drive.

If a drive is not as good of a reader as others, setting the read speed too high will actually result in longer rip times, because the drive will slow down too often. In that case, setting it to 12x or even 8x can sometimes result in quicker rips because the average speed will be higher.

Try it and see how it goes.


No you don’t. It’s the DVD-DL that you have to set for pressed dual layer discs :wink:



Thanks guys-

Could you add that info to the already well written “Readme” text that comes with the download? I’m sure that it would help others too - eh?

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Found that 16x setting on DL giving shakey results at best - but 14x is kicking some serious quality readin’ a$$ - And still faster than my AOpen 1648/aap Pro

Thanks again-



Can the good reading capabilities of a real 1693s be applied on a 1673s@1693s? after all, theyre “identical”



Seems reasonable that they would - go ahead and try it - and let us know how you fared - ok