Setting a permanant booktype

is it possible to set it where my 1653s always burns + media as a dvdrom booktype, so i dont have to change it with software anymore or anything

Hi KrankDude

The Program Written By Lite-On Called (BookType133.exe)
Will Do That Task For You.
Can Be Found On The Lite-On Site I Think


You Need The Latest Firmware For Your SOHW-1653S (CS09)
To Use The BookType133.exe.

Here A Quote From C0deKing

“Don’t panic . The latest firmware stores the booktype option in the EEPROM. Just load a blank DVD+R in the drive. Run the latest LiteOn bitsetting tool v1.33. Set the booktype to -ROM and click Change. That’s it. Even after a power off the booktype will still be set to -ROM. The big advantage of this new method is that +R and +RW are now a separate setting.”

Found Here :