Settec Alpha-DVD protection used on German Mr.& Mrs.Smith

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    Today from Heise, we learn of a DVD movie copy protection that will be of interest to those that  believe in Fair Use backups or are concerned with the possibility of...
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dont all of these “protections” require that you have autorun on? most “power users” that i know have that turned off b/c of its “stealing scope” problematic nature of having a disc drive or hard/thumb drive autorun

How do you turn auto run off totally in Windows XP? I figured out how to change to do no task for given meida but that doesn’t stop all autoruns.

here’s how!!! Disable CD Autorun 1) Click Start, Run and enter GPEDIT.MSC 2) Go to Computer Configuration, Administrative Templates, System. 3) Locate the entry for Turn autoplay off and modify it as you desire.

If you purchased such GMO, you should be able to return it for at least an exchange on a clean title that doesnt ask to sign any agreements. (you were not warned you would have to sign anything, right?) Here of course assumed you play dvds on your pc alone and have nothing else to play it with and dont want to modify OS/install additional spyware. Have a happy money back day :g

The only people who have autorun on and attempt to copy a movie are probably gonna open Nero and click “copy disc”. By the way, Slysoft Anydvd prevents ALL autoruns.

This protection was already defeated when the update to AnyDVD was posted 4 days ago…

I think what irritates me is, we are forced to disable features on our OS to protect ourselves from poorly written malware that is riding on a legitimate purchase like a parasite. I bought a damn movie not some crap that can trash my system. If they are so worried about piracy from an optical disc, then don’t sell DVD’s, problem solved! This is a bunch of crap. If I pay for an OS and it has conveniences, then to protect me from this type of DRM tactics that actually strip me of my LEGAL right to a backup is bad enough. Now I am supposed to click my ass off every time I insert a disc in my optical drive, or face hardware malfunction?? This is unacceptable! Where is the law? maybe they need to get off their ass and shut down these type operations from damaging private property. Aren’t they are supposed to protect the public too not just corporations!!?? :frowning:

Crabbyappleton u havin a laugh aint ya they protect their wallets not your rights if you and everyone else here and around the world wants to hit back at these wankers then get on to your politicians i mean snaertly dressed con men and vote them out next time round thats the only way to screw them like they screwing us every day also a wank company like s$ny brought to its knees for having no sales would send a message home and get em off the couche.

I think this is one time we don’t need politicians- we need somebody to get off their asses and stop these DRM malwares. It is obvious due to the Sony fiasco. Un fortunately, I do not know the German laws so maybe they don’t offer citizens protection from this kind of treatment. I hope so though as it was fixed over here and now SunnComm has to change their sorry software. Plus Sony/BMG got the message thru our court system.

“Therefore, the movie will wind up on the Internet in short order” Woops I had to look (im nosy) and it’s allready all over the place.

Protection my A55. AnyDVD defeats it long time back with 4.8.51.


There will always be some form of protection/DRM on content unfortunatly. LONG LIVE SLYSOFT:)

Cheers, now if only i could figure out how to get rid of the macrovision crap already on my comp i would be well set.
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I encountered this Right Destruction Technology after buying “Mr & Mrs Smith” (in the US). I use AnyDVD for making my legal back ups. Thanks to AnyDVD, Alpha Settec was stopped dead in its tracks. (I also have “auto-run” deactivated on both my dvd drives.) I never saw the EULA and AnyDVD stripped the ****ware from the disc as well as protected my system from all of the nasty consequences listed in the article. Everyone one who can should purchase AnyDVD (they have a pretty good deal if you buy it in a package with CloneCD, or with the latter and CloneDVD2) in order to keep them going and growing, so they can keep up with these insidious attempts to destroy our rights and damage our computers.

The GPEDIT.MSC doesn’t work on XP Home. You can disable auto-run manually, it is a bit time consuming but fully worth the effort, by right clicking on each burner, clicking Properties, then the “auto-play” tab. A drop down menu lists about half a dozen different types of discs. Set all of them to “Take This Action” and then “Do Nothing”. There’s big red circle with a line through it; can’t miss it. Alternatively, if you own a great piece of software called The Ultimate Troubleshooter, the latest version allows you to turn off all auto-run functions with one click (however this also disables auto-polling which is NOT to be confused with auto-run. Polling is mere the OS checking to see what’s in the drive; this is how the name of the CD/DVD changes when you swap them out. You’ll see a little icon most of the time.