"set varirate x failed" in log afther writing


i am testing the demo of blindsuite.

Afther burning Knoppix v3.2 iso with Blindwrite…i saw the message;

set varirate x failed…where x = a number

Is this something to worry? What does this mean

I burned the file with my Lite-on…8x…Doa Pw
(amplify weaksectors of…autoplay support on)

thanx in advance


I have exactly the same problem with my registered version !
I have got this message ‘Warning : set variRate X failed’ several times in my log file :frowning:
I am using BW4.3.1 with a Plextor 16/10/40A (at x14 speed) in DAO Pw mode under Win98SE.
I never saw this before ; is it a new BW4.3.1 (or Pattin-Couffin 11) feature?
I have tested all files on the CD-ROM, there are Ok.

the cdrom i burned didn’t work…but that could be the settings of course

download again from the web site, it had been solved. it was trace log, should not disturb the burning result.


good…thank you very much

hmm…what could have caused the failure of the iso i burned??
could it be caused by the doa pw i used??

Not sure if I follow…Are you saying that these errors (I’m a victim also) are a result of having an “earlier” release of BWS 4.3.1 (mine’s I think), or it was a corrupt installation or download?

yes you shouldn’t see this in the last version.