Set up TV to DVD player-channel

I have a TV and Dvd player set up. There is no remote for the TV. The Dvd player shows open/load. Now, theres something to do with the TV-how do i put the channel for the Dvd player on the TV so i can play a Dvd? Im new to all this. :slight_smile:

The DVD player should be connected to the TV via AV, Component or HDMI cables depending upon you tv, dvd player and what you decied to use.

To use the DVD player you just need to select the correct channel. This is normally done via the source or AV button. Sometimes looks like a square with an arrow coming out of it. Keep pressing until you get the required channel.

Thank You for your help. Attached is a screenshot of the controls on the front of the TV. Is it the one that says “power ch” with up and down arrows.

You might be outta luck. The remote probably had the ‘source’ button on it. You might be able to get a Sharp remote control on ebay, or a universal remote at your local Walmart type store. Universal remotes are probably no more than 20USD.

All solved thank you. Cheers:bigsmile: