Set up my new drive as master?

Just got my 1655 retail version. I have removed all other optical drives from the computer. Is my understanding correct in that if this is to be the only optical drive on my second IDE channel, I should reconfigure the jumper on the drive to make it master for best performance? (the drive came out of the box configured as slave)

Not a must be only this optical to have on the 2nd channel, you can combine it like master the 1655 and slave for example a DVD-ROM and yes in this case the 1655 should be jumpered to master.

I configured drive as master on secondary IDE channel…not detected
I configured drive as slave on secondary IDE channel…not detected
Cable plugged in properly, red stripe towards power leads.
Worked fine on the old drive, no problem detecting
Bad Drive? I sure hope not!

Figured it out with the help of a 10x magnifing glass…
The little brass piece in the jumper was only half there!
Gotta love BenQ quality control.

Sounds like a bad drive to me. Plug old one in as is right now. If it works, unplug and plug in new one. If no worky… call and get an exchange. :frowning:

By the way, there’s no need for any particular jumpering with a modern motherboard. Master, slave… hardly matters. Just bear in mind that the entire chain is limited to the slowest device, meaning that if you put a CD-ROM with UDMA2 on a chain with a Hard Disk with UDMA5, the hard disk WILL run slower as a result.

Right now on my machine, I have two IDE channels, each with an optical drive. My hard disks are all SATA.

Do you have an 80 wire cable?

yes, I do have an 80 wire cable…

if its the only drive on the chain, with 80 wire cable, your could try cs (cable select) ast you jumper setting.

Switched the little jumper piece with one I had on an old drive in the closet.
Fixed it.
Thanks all…