Set top DVD recorder prices fall to record lows in Taiwan

I just posted the article Set top DVD recorder prices fall to record lows in Taiwan.

more news from DigiTimes. Lackluster sales in
Taiwan are being blamed for retail prices dropping to record low levels on
set top DVD recorders. The decreases were offered…

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I think that they are just not that convienient. PVR is much easier, and a DVD recorder is more of a companion piece to that @ best. ::

You also have to consider new tech and how will this effect their viability. With HDTV and ATSC tuners being required for access to the new HD public signals, these are incompatible with current NTSC turners dvd recorders. Backing up HD content requires a larger and newer media format (like blue-ray or HD-DVD) to store this on. DVD recoreders will be somewhat obsolute in about 3 years. Who wants to spend several hundreds on something that doesn’t offer future compatibilty. Not to mention new DVI, HDMI and Firewire ports that will be required on new TVs as the FCC is mandating that switch from NTSC to ATSC by Jan 2007. I had just bought a Pioneer DVR-510 when finding this out. Since I was doing the research to buy a new TV, specifically a HDTV. PVRs are a better choice for now, since some offer to record in HD.