Set top box



I have a set top box which was connected to a tv and vcr/combo which needs mending. I now have just a dvd recorder and tv I am trying to reconnect the set top box to the tv and dvd recorder. There are 3 arial cables and I cant work out how to connect the box to both can anyone help please.


Hi [B]suzione[/B] and welcome to CD Freaks. :slight_smile:

I’m afraid you don’t give us very much information to go on, so a very simple answer is that; assuming it is normal terrestrial broadcasts received from an aerial on the roof, the cable from the aerial goes first to the set-top box (STB), then this is joined with another aerial cable to the DVD recorder, then this connected to the TV with another cable. Some people describe it as ‘daisy-chaining’ for obvious reasons. :wink:

Could you tell us whereabouts you are geographically, and whether this STB is for cable, satellite, or otherwise? That would make a difference to the way of connecting above.

It would be also useful to know the make and model numbers of the STB, DVDR, and TV. Do you know what type of connections there were between them before?


Thank you Imkidd I think that is the way I have to connect sorry I didnt give you a lot of info. I am retired and not that savvey with the modern gadgets. I will come back and let you know if that worked. Otherwise I will give you all the info. for connecting differently.