Set-top box market has large growth potential, but trouble awaits

I just posted the article Set-top box market has large growth potential, but trouble awaits.

There is a bright future for the set-top and home entertainment markets as growth is expected to pick up in the immediate future.

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3rd party boxes like WDTV LIVE and Popcorn Hour are picking up steam. With wireless N, it should be possible to stream HD content to said boxes. These devices don’t play DRM’d paid content, but they do play downloaded content from the net.

I imagine there’s money to be made in set top boxes. Microsoft/PS3 rent movies/tv shows already, and netflix streams.

I suppose you don’t really need to sell people boxes, you need to make a content or service available.

I think set top box makers and the cable-tv industry who supports them are not looking at the right trending data… TV manufacturers have already taken steps to BYPASS that EXPENSIVE RENTAL DEVICE and go all the way to IP streaming. No longer are TVs just DUMB TUNERS they will be able to poll, organize and program content all on their lonesome for the consumer. Eventually, those with proper broadband requirements of say, 6 megabits per tv set will be able to do for TV what VOIP did for the phone. Another reason why telcos and more importantly Cable-TV cos aren’t looknig forward to raising those up & downstreams anytime soon.