Set-top box business is far from dead, says analyst



Set-top box business is far from dead, says analyst.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Some took the rumor that Cisco would sell off its set-top box division to heart, believing it signaled the end times for the device as a whole. Now that the company has actually doubled down its business, snatching up UK-based STB software developer NDS for a cool $5 billion, market researcher Parks Associates is playing the 'I told you so' card.

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The cable-tv business model is at a crossroads (some say collision course) with the internet. Consumers are finding it easier and easier to obatin video (vod) from the internet. Where they once pushed a button on the cable-tv remote, they can queue up their favorite TV Shows (cable or ota), movies, and music without breaking a sweat. From what I’ve seen, cable companies are poised to RAI$E the prices for set-top rental fees that will prompt consumers to cut the cord altogether. Google wants out of the set-top biz becaue SMART HD-TVs will have the proper interfaces already inside and you will just utilize the video/ip interfaces which come with the TV screen: coax, hdmi, usb, ethernet, wireless,etc. One day there will be a FIBER OPTIC interface for the data/video but who knows what the STANDARD will be: usb 3, hdmi or even FDDI (sata used by hard drives).