Set-top AVI media player


I’m just new here so forgive me if this post is not in the exact right forum, but I think it might be of interest here anyway.

I was sitting here with a hard-drive full of great AVI’s and converting
one to svcd when I decided "why am I spending all this time converting these
when the original avi’s look just as good or better and are a fraction of the size.
Plus I’m tired of spending all this time doing the conversion to vcd, svcd, mpeg dvd etc

So I found this new set-top media player to take your avi’s directly to the big screen in the living room

I found a price on it - - -$160

Z330 DVD/MPEG4 Player
The Complete Home Theatre Media Player

Firmware upgradeable
(as new video formats come out ?)

Honestly, this looks it would almost solve it all - far less converting, conversion time, huge files, etc.

And no I don’t work for them


Philips DVP642 is also a good player for DivX/MPEG4… and is around $65

The DVP642 is based on ESS Vibrato II which makes it a not so good player.

So are their any other good players that are cheap and will play avi formats like divx or xvid?

How much are XBox’s where you are? An XBox with XBMC - XBox Media Center installed is fantastic for playing all your xvid/divx/etc files in.

Check out this link for more info.

I had a Kiss DP450 and it’s now gathering dust because of this.

Im in the US so I guess that they are a little under 200$ (based a a quick google).