Set the record straight, dose Cloncd work with AMD and VIA

Before I build a system with an Abit KG 7 (AMD 760) or KR 7 (KT2661) I want to know if what I have been reading is true

I have read that the newer versions of cloncd are not compatable with AMD or VIA chipstes, is this true

Someone please shed some light on this

Clone is compatible with just about everything, even Linux & BeOS.

The issue with all of this is bus-mastering, VIA, ALI & AMD do not do it well; Intel is a little better but Microsoft is best. From UDMA33 onwards it has become an issue because bus mastering means that a capable device wants to ‘master the bus’ or have sole control of it, to do what it needs to do; Chip Chapin’s website has a good primer on this topic. You can safely load all VIA drivers except the busmaster driver - see the VIA website for what’s what. The best way to go is:

Win95 - cannot busmaster…linked to the pre-BX chipset issue.

Win98(SE) - use the drivers off the CD i.e. boot up and let Windows search for drivers when it detects the new device (MoBo).

Win ME - same (do people still use this?)

Win2K - same; but note that there are separate ‘out-of-the-box’ UDMA issues with Win2K; hot fixes from MS & XP Setup are available.

Win XP - use the native drivers i.e. do not load the VIA 4in1 over the top of a shiny new XP system.

Under no circumstances should you use the Intel Ultra DMA Storage Driver (the one that’s about 2-3 Meg), it takes over your system and cannot be uninstalled.

Do this without using the CD-ROM with the MoBo or any downloaded 4in1 and you’re off to a good start. Selectively install the VIA drivers as you wish.

NB: if you already have VIA, ALI etc drivers installed, Windows may kick these in on reboot - uninstall older drivers first. Latest 4in1s have no uninstall so you have to roll back to 4.28 (see VIA website) and uninstall from there.

I have a AMD TB 1Ghz with a Asus A7VKT133A Motherboard…

All CloneCD versions have never given me a problem with my system…

Hope this helps…

Well currently I have a BX motherboard, MSI BXMaster. It has two IDE channells plus an on board promise Ultra 66 card. I have four devices 2 hard drives, one cdrom, and one cdrw. They are each a master on a different channel with the hard dirives being on the promise ultra 66. This is on Win 98 se

If I do go Athlon XP, I would use Win XP. If I get a MB with onboard raid like the KG 7 Raid and set it up like I have the BXMaster, ie, the two hard drives on the raid controller but in IDE format and then the cdrom and cdrw on the boards chipsets chanells would that elimate the potential problem

It should not give you a problem with the configuration you have chosen…

Hmmmmm … dunno why this keeps popping up !

Since I switched to an Athlon XP and an EPOX 8KHA+ (kT266A)
from an i815 based system I haven’t had any problems, yet !

Before i got an i815 system I had a VIA Apollo Pro 133A system and no problems there either !