Set region code to 1 from a region free dvd-r

I created a home movie in Pinnacle Studio 9 software and burned it to DVD+R media and it won’t play on one of my dvd players (SONY DVP-NS50P) because that dvd player only plays dvd’s that are set to region 1. The Pinnacle Studio DVD I created is set to region free, so it won’t play. Because it’s a home grown disc, there is no copy protection. Is there any way to copy this region free dvd and with the region code set to 1?

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I believe you are a little confused concerning DVD Region Coding. You need to use the Forum magic “Search” button and do a little research concerning Region Coding.

Only Commercial DVD Movie Titles contain Region Coding.

A DVD burned to blank DVD media does not contain any Region Coding and will play on any DVD playback device.

That reason that your “home movie” will not “play on one of my dvd players (SONY DVP-NS50P)” is a not a Region Coding problem. There is some other problem with your “home movie” causing it to fail to play.

Perchance are you aware that you are posting in the AnyDVD Forum. Your problem is not related to the AnyDVD software program. There is no reason to be using the AnyDVD software program to make to “home movie”. A home movie does not contain any copy protection scheme that would require the use of AnyDVD.

Your posting is Off Topic for the AnyDVD Forum.

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Thanks for the advice. FYI, I was trying to use AnyDVD software to set the region code to 1 which is why i posted to this forum. From other forum’s i researched, the sony dvd player i have is set to only play region 1 discs and will not play anything region free. I’ve burned the disc 6 times to both DVD+R and DVD-R media and i still get the message on my sony dvd player (“Playback prohibited by area limitations”).

I have three other dvd players that play my home movie just fine, so how can it be the disc i made?

I tried the pinnacle studio support i was told i just can’t use that dvd player for my home made movies.

anyway, sorry if this is the wrong forum but I’m very frustrated…

Uhm, some older players are picky and don’t like +Rs unless they are booktyped to DVD-ROM. Some of those older players will play -R discs just fine though (and some wont play either -R or +R unless the +R is set to DVD-ROM, but I’ve only seen that on portable DVD players for some reason).

Try a -R or try setting the booktype on a +R. If you can’t set your booktype and want to try that drop me a pm - I’d be happy to burn your disc to a booktyped +R for ya.


if you look here you can make your player region free, but you’ll need a Pocket PC to do it with :frowning:

the big named players are alot more picky about playing backed up films so it could be you’ve got one.

I do have a Toshiba e740 Pocket PC, but the thread doesn’t explain how to do it with the pocket pc, it does explain how if you have a palm os. I’ll do some more research on that.

also, i did try both DVD +R and -R discs, both show the “Playback prohibited by area limitations” on the sony player. all my pinnacle discs play fine on my pioneer and samsung players, just not the sony and i was told that is because that sony model only plays a dvd that is designated as region 1.

the AnyDVD software looks like you can set the copy you are making to region 1 but it only seems to make my pc’s dvd drive set to region 1 and not the content of the burned dvd.

Summary for drive D: (AnyDVD
Drive (Hardware) Region: 1

Media is a Data DVD.
Booktype: dvd-r (version 5), Layers: 1
Total size: 331280 sectors (647 MBytes)

Video DVD (or CD) label: _20060402
Media is not CSS protected.
Video Standard: PAL
Media is region free.

is that correct or am i reading it wrong?

You are mistaken. Every DVD player will play region free discs, regardless if it is locked to a region or not.
The DVD has a region mask, which tells the player where it is allowed to play. A disc can be allowed to play in multiple regions, e.g. 2 and 4 is very common (Europe & Australia) or 1 and 3 (US & Southeast Asia). A region free disc is allowed to play in all regions (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 8), so this includes region 1.
There are many commercial region free discs available in the US, it would be a disaster if they can’t be played in region 1 players.
Your problem must be something else, e.g. your player not liking your media, or PAL/NTSC (TV-System) problems, but these problems are not related to AnyDVD at all.

You are right. I just tried a copy of old movies I made with Pinnacle Studio software and they did work on my new Sony player so I think it has something to do with the PAL vs. NTSC thing.

Sorry for senselessly wasting everyone’s time on this thread, but you did all help me get to the bottom of my problem, so thanks a million!

I´m in the same situation with a Sony DVP-NS325 with a “Reproduction prohibited due zone limits”.
I’m using Studio 10.5.2, and have not problemas creating DVD’s from videos in NTSC format. The problem is when the video source was PAL.

Triyng to reproduce the created DVD in my PC (the same that generate it), the Windows Media Player shows the message “This pin cannot use the supplied media type” while reproducing video without sound.

sorry if this has already been put forward, but ive just skimmed through the posts. In anydvd, under feature removal, unselect everything that has the word region in it. Then the region should still be set to the same the original disk is.

that’s because the format is pal and not ntsc. i think dvdsanta does the converting of pal to ntsc but people have said the samething as you about audio sync. but you can try it and see if it works for you.

hmm…i can’t edit my post?? oh well.
you can see if you can buy a cheap dvdplayer (standalone for tv) that plays both formats (pal & ntsc) would be the best bet.

that is if you live in the UK, in the US you have to buy a special dvd player, it’s been mentioned before on cd freaks, someplace. :slight_smile:

yep like these

that will be them, $30 is a good deal :iagree: