Set QSuite Default Drive



Just wondering if there is a way to set the default drive selection for BenQ’s QSuite utility? I find it a tad annoying having to click OK for the error of my Pioneer DVR-109 being unsupported everytime I load the utility. I’d like to set my BenQ drive as being the first selection and therefore not having to see that error message anymore. Can this be done in the registry maybe? Thanks to any help provided.


No you can’t.


Their is a little workaround if you change the drive letter so the BenQ drive is the first drive in the system then you will not get the error message.

Go to
Control panel->administrative tools->computer management->
under storage->disk management
right click on the BenQ drive and change its drive letter to something above the other optical drives in the system.


Hey hey, good idea for the lazy =)


This works ? For me it sorts them by the position on IDE.


It sure does, try it and see.

Via that I can set my 1620, 1625 or 3500 as the first drive to be selected in QSuite (or QScan)


I have tried it… it doesn’t work. I think this works only for SPTI… as ASPI has nothing in common with the drive letters.


Doesn’t QSuite use SPTI by default :confused:

[I do have Adaptecs ASPI installed but it doesnt seem to have affected the ability to change the postion of the drives in QSuite or QScan for me at least]


Oh yeah maybe… =) I forced QSuite to use ASPI. =)


what 8T8 suggested is correct and true to the last line… :bigsmile: :bigsmile: