Set DVD read speed? NEC 3550 too loud

I have a NEC 3550A with fw 1.05 installed on a Debian etch (linux) PC.

Everything works great with the exception that I cannot hear the DVD sound track over the noise of the DVD spinning :sad:

I would like to tell the drive to slow down the read speed but it does not seem to respond to either:
eject -x 4 /dev/hda
hdparm -E 4 /dev/hda

BTW yes the DVD is at /dev/hda, my hard drive is sata at /dev/sda. Watching DVDs with dma on using xine or mplayer is great quality and sync, but unfortunately loud drive noise.

I notice that there are newer and non-official firmwares: does anyone know if a firmware upgrade would allow the DVD to see the speed settings and slow down to a more acceptable noise level?

My motherboard has a bad ACPI table, so some ACPI stuff is not working: would that have any influence on DVD speed, my feeling is that it shouldn’t.

Is there any known issue with this drive not responding to speed settings?



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The play speed for your 3550 is controlled by your firmware - and the 3550 is known to be somewhat noisy-

Changing firmware is not going to have much - if any - impact on your playback speed-

Suggest that your next burner is either a LiteOn or BenQ which are known to be quieter-


Thanks for the reply… not what I wanted to hear though.

I just found another post at:
which said that someone had successfully quietened DVD playback using Nero Drivespeed on a NEC 3550A. Can anyone else confirm that this works?

If it does then how is it that Nero Drivespped can control the Drive Speed? Any ideas what interface or control DriveSpeed uses to access the drive? If Drivespped can do it then I am sure there is a way of doing the same thing from Linux… might take some hacking though :confused:

I am hoping that I can set a switch somewhere eg using hdparm or echo to a /proc/ device to set drive speed… then I could tell freevo (PVR system) to reduce DVD speed before starting playback and reset it afterewards, and still have access to fast (10-15 minute) DVD rips to the harddrive…

Done It! :smiley:

With thanks to:
and last but not least

The required dance is as follows:
Download and compile a short C program which generates the necessary SET_STREAMING ioctl commands
gcc -o speedcontrol speedcontrol.c
Set DVD drive speed to x1
speedcontrol -x1 /dev/hda
Run Xine or mplayer or whatever to watch your DVD, undisturbed by the roar of a spinning DVD :slight_smile:
Reset the DVD speed to normal
speedcontrol -x0 /dev/hda
Rip a DVD vob to the harddrive in quick time :smiley:

I love it when a plan comes together.


Good for you-eh!!

Hopefully others can learn from your endevors-


[QUOTE=systematic;1435082]Done It! :smiley:

thank you :slight_smile:
because of mplayer raising the speed at startup I fork out to a script that waits 5 secs and then calls speedcontrol -x4 /dev/mycdrom

Hehe, odd that this thread should make its way to the top - I’m using my Optiarc 5170S at the minute, to play back a disc I just burned (as if any drive will find an error, it’s an NEC or Optiarc/NEC ;)). And yes it is very loud :bigsmile:

Welcome to the forum, JCPU! :slight_smile: